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Alder Paw print keepsake urn
Item: #1WB

This paw print urn is a great way to display your beloved pets. The keepsake urn will hold approx. 15-20 cubic inches. A great way to remember your favorite pet. This urn is available with dog or cat prints, it is also available with a single dog or cat print inside of a heart. Bottom removes for easy loading. This urn measures 4-3/8 x 4 x 3-3/8 inches.

Kitty Post Urn
Item: #2WB

This alder wood urn is made to resemble a scratching post. It is the perfect memorial for your pet. It comes with an acrylic picture holder to display your pet. The bottom removes for ease of loading.

Alder Keepsake Urns
Item: #3WB

Our alder urns are value priced and come in several sizes. Sizes vary and this is the standard Urns that we use here at Blue Bonnet Pet Crematory. The bottom removes for easily for loading purposes.

Shep Dog House Urn
Item: #4WB

This beautiful alder wood urn is created to resemble a doghouse. It is available in small, medium and large. It is available in natural or cherry finish. You can add a picture holder to display a photo of your beloved pet. The bottom removes for ease of loading.

Country Woods Urns
Item: #5WB

Genuine north American hardwoods: cherry, oak, walnut, and maple. The clear wood finish allows the natural beauty of the wood to show - we do not stain our products. Being a clear wood finish, wood grains and tones will vary making each urn as unique as your pet. Please note: natural cherry initially can be a light cream, tan, caramel, or pink color but darkens over time to a beautiful, warm, reddish brown color.

The frames are laser engraved and we offer 6 different frames to choose from including rectangle, oval, 3 different heart options, and a double oval. We also offer optional laser engraving services for those who would like to personalize the frame (with the exception of the rectangle), or the urn itself. Feel free to mix and match the wood of the urn with the wood of the frame such as a walnut urn with a cherry frame.

The urns are available in 30 cubic inch, 70 cubic inch, and 120 cubic inch sizes.

Item: #6WB

Each urn in this Line is crafted out of beautiful, natural wood and is hand finished in our Georgia Studio. Every urn is unique, with the natural wood grain displayed in a warm oak finish. These urns have an octagonal shape and come in four sizes.

Item: #7MB Bamboo Box
Product Details
  • A Height: 5.0" Width: 8.5" Depth: 5.5" Capacity: 125
  • B Height: 4.3" Width: 7.7" Depth: 5.5" Capacity: 85
  • C Height: 3.5" Width: 6.3" Depth: 4.3" Capacity: 40
  • D Height: 3.2" Width: 5.7" Depth: 3.5" Capacity: 25
Made of Bamboo
Item: #8MB Bamboo Box
Item: #9MB Bamboo Box

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