Ruebit – You came into my life back in 2004, right before my Mom died; and the two of us have been thru so much together. You were there by my side while I was recovering from heart surgery, kidney failure and most of cancer. You were there thru all of the craziness of family, friends and my job; and you were always up to giving me attention & love just when I needed it. We made a lot of moves with my job and you were a real trooper; along with Sweetheart. You went thru a lot in the last couple years with Sweetheart (adoptive Mom) passing over; and then we got Baxter who turned out to be a wild child to say the least. You gave me nearly 15 years of fun, craziness, laughter, joy, happiness & love; and it feels so unfair that you had to leave so soon. When you passed over you took a part of my heart with you & I replaced that part with all the memories & love you gave to me. You are My # 1 and always will be; fur-ever & ever until the end of time.

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