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With gentle hands, loving arms and compassionate hearts. Our family at Bluebonnet Pet Crematory understands the emptiness we all feel when we lose our furry friends.

Bluebonnet was founded by Col.(Ret.) Henry H. McKee in 1999. It was his dream to provide a dignified, yet low cost, service for the final disposition of the family pet.

Bluebonnet Pet Crematory is managed by James S. Schaefer & Shawn Dial, Col. McKee’s grandsons, and staffed by several family members. At last count, six dogs and eleven cats grace our homes and make our families complete.

We hope that our family can help ease the pain and emotional stress that is experienced when the difficult time comes and you have to say goodbye.

These are poems we offer with our cremation services, below are our rainbow poems that are included and explains the crossover for when you will meet your loved one on the other side, each cremation includes a poem with paw prints and the poems are a gift.

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How much does pet cremation cost?

The price of cremation varies. To determine the cost of cremation, we need to know your pet’s weight and what type of cremation you would like for your pet.

How do I know that these are my pet’s ashes?

Bluebonnet Pet Crematory has developed a comprehensive system of tracking your pet from pick up to delivery of the cremains. All pets are handled with the highest degree of dignity and respect.

Can my veterinarian tell me all of the options that are available for when my pet dies?

You should always ask your veterinarian what your options are for the area where you reside. Pet cemeteries, cremation facilities, clinic disposal, animal control and landfills are usual methods of disposition. Some states or cities allow you to bury a pet on land that you own.

How long does it take? 

For a standard cremation, it takes 3-4 business days.

Please bear in mind, ink paw prints and clay paw prints will add on an extra day. When ordering special urns and jewelry, it will take up to 2-3 weeks, excluding inclement weather, shipping and/or holidays.

May I inspect the cremation facilities?

Yes, we are open to the public. Tours are also encouraged for veterinarians and their staff members. For your convenience, appointments are scheduled.

What are cremains?

Cremains are the cremated remains (ashes) of your pet.

How soon will I get my pet’s ashes?

Usually, pet cremains are returned within 3 to 4 business days.

Can I bring my pet to the crematory?

Yes, you can transport your pet or we can pick up at your veterinarian’s office or at your home. If you go through your veterinarian’s office, you would pay them directly.

What is a Certificate of Cremation?

A Certificate of Cremation states the date of your pet’s cremation and is signed by a trained crematory operator.

How many people work at your location?

We currently have 2 drivers, 2 cremation technicians, and one office manager.

Why could it take so long to have my phone call returned?

Mondays and the day after holidays are high volume call days. There may also be walk-in customers at the door on that day. Your loved one is important to us. Please expect a short delay, we will return your call as soon as possible. All calls are answered and returned, first come, first served.

May I be present before, during and after the cremation?

Yes, this is the only time that we set an appointment time. It is usually either 10:00AM or at 2:00PM. Please call at least 1-2 days in advance.

How do I choose a pet crematory?

The relationship between the pet owner and the veterinarian is based on trust. Likewise, the relationship between the veterinarian and the after care provider must also be based on trust. We know that trust is not given, it is earned. The veterinarian needs to be confident in the methods that his after care provider uses. Bluebonnet has the trust and confidence of your veterinarian due to the high professional standards we employ.

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