Written by my son Denis, aged 22: “My best friend, Zues. I cant believe you’ve left this planet. You gave my family and I 17 years of companionship. 17 of the best years I could have ever asked for. You’ve battled rattle snakes, dug deep holes, eaten ant poison, kept up pace with roaming deer, eaten squirrels, destroyed moms green lawn and have endured so much more. We’ve adventured through the forest, to lakes, rivers in car and by foot. You were there for us through every family tragedy and triumph. You always filled the room with your big doofus smile. It hurts my heart to know that I’ll never get to have you sneeze in my face, or chase me like a made man through the house and yard. I won’t even be able to chase you through the neighborhood as you try to escape. I want to thank you Zues the “Moose” for always talking to me when I was alone, scared, sad or happy. For keeping both of my sisters and mother company and providing them with protection. You simply were the lady bird to my Hank hill, you’ll always be in my heart and on my mind. I love you so dearly. Rest easy Moose.

Dont you Forget about me by Simple Minds will always be our song ol boy.”

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