You were the best dog of all time! Coming from an abusive past to living the best life after we adopted you at the Humane Society at the age of 1! You were my protecter and all time best friend! I love you so much!


Reagan was the sweetest, most obedient (with no formal training) and most loyal dog I ever had. He had many horrible trials in his life, including being dumped in the country, starving to the point of death, being shot full of lead shot that destroyed his eye, having an infected leg bone break, being attacked…



Our sweet Black American Bobtail. The breeder didn’t want you cause you weren’t the right color, so she left you in the back of the cage while she gave attention to all the striped Bobtails. Because of that you were always a loner. But you were our very special boy who would snuggle with us…



Gretl 2002-2017, You were our little angel and mommy’s special angel. You wanted to stay but your body was tired. As desperately as we wanted you to stay we couldn’t let you suffer anymore. Rest and sleep in peace little angel until we meet again. We miss you terribly and will always love you dearly.


2000-2017 17 years was simply not long enough. LuLu provided us with so much joy each day. Our hearts are broken at the loss of such a sweet soul. She is apart of so many of the memories we cherish. We are so very grateful we had the chance to own the most loyal dogs…



My Trixie is my heart. From the day I brought her home and bottle fed her and for the 16 years following that!! She picked me to save her then, who knew it was she who was saving me all those years. I could pick her up and just feel all that energy of nothing…