Ruebit – You came into my life back in 2004, right before my Mom died; and the two of us have been thru so much together. You were there by my side while I was recovering from heart surgery, kidney failure and most of cancer. You were there thru all of the craziness of family,…


You turned 19. Every Christmas for the last 5 years were started with “this might be Squirts last year… laughter ensued, he was never going to leave us.. this year he did. May your loyalty and love and spirit carry on sweet Squirt McTurt. We love you. ❤️


Piper, we only had you for a short time, but we will have you in our hearts forever. You were the sweetest, smartest most loyal girl anyone could ever ask for. You brought so much joy to our lives and to bothers and we miss you single everyday. ♥️🐾


We miss you more than words can say. Our heart is broken and we miss you dearly. We no longer wanted to see you suffer and knowing you are in a better place will heal our heart within time. Rest in paradise Smokey. Mom dad, and grandma miss you!

Hound Dog Ramirez

He was born December 31, 2008 in a little town called Sabinal, Texas. His parents names are mom (Pooh) tan /white fur colors and father ( ) is a tri-color black/tan/white. He was a gift for my x-boyfriend Noe Ramirez. He lived with him mostly in an upstairs apartment in Uvalde, Texas. He was very…


Dear Daphne. My heart is broken, my little dog who was my fiercest protector. I have your little paw prints to keep, they mean the world to me. I know I will see you again, and it will be such a happy day. I love you my little precious..